Monday, December 30, 2013

Beard Attachment

Just the Beard

Have you ever wanted a beard or just something fun to keep your face warm? Well this is the perfect beard, with loops that go over your ears this beard offers fun and function at the same time and can be worm with your favorite hat.

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Thank you so much for your understanding ~Melinda~

This is just the child size for sizes for baby, toddlers & adults please download the full pattern here: Ravelry Beard Download

   -    Medium worsted yarn (I used Lion Brand Vanna's Choice® acrylic yarn).
   -    Size J/10 (6.00MM) crochet hook
   -    Yarn needle
   -    Scissors

dc: Double crochet
sc: Single crochet
sc2tog: Single crochet two together
ch: Chain
sl st: slip stich
Fsc: Foundation single crochet (
*… *: Repeat what is between

    -    There is no turning chain, just turn your work and start in the first stitch. This helps to “gather” the ends for a better fit to the ear. If you are having trouble with this just make the last loop loose so you are able to turn.
    -    When you work the bottom of the edging along the Fsc, work between the sc instead of the single loops formed when making the Fsc.

Child (m) Beard:
          9” beard
R1: Fsc 25, turn
R2: sc in first stitch *sc in next stitch, dc in next stitch* 11 times, sc in next 2 stiches, turn
R3: sc in first stitch *dc in next stitch, sc in next stitch* 12 times, turn
R4: Repeat Row 2
R5: Repeat Row 3
R6: Repeat Row 2
R7: Repeat Row 3
R8: sc, *sc, dc* 4 times (7 Fsc, skip 7 stitches) dc, *sc, dc* 3 times, sc in last 2 stitches, turn
R9: Repeat Row 3
Edging: ch 1, //along side 1// sc 2tog 5 times, turn sc 5, sl st to the ch 1, ch 9, sl st to the first Fsc of R1, *sc, dc* along the bottom of the beard, ch 1 //along side 2 // sc 2tog 5 times, turn sc 5, sl st to the ch 1, ch 9, sl st to the first sc of R9, finish off and weave in ends